Welcome to Your Place of Healing and Hope

In the aftermath of loss, finding a path forward can seem like an insurmountable challenge. My own journey began in the shadow of profound grief after the loss of my husband in 2009. It was a journey that led me to create the FLOW Grief Release Method (Feel, Let go, Overcome, become Whole) — a pathway I designed not only to navigate my own healing but to share with others facing similar heartache.

My life's work is now devoted to guiding you through the intricate process of reimagining your life after loss. Together, we focus on more than just coping; we aim to nurture personal growth and the development of your ability to offer support to others.

Embarking on this journey with me means exploring beyond the balance of home life and grief. It's about stepping into your power, offering your strength, and sharing your compassion with those who need it most.

My mission is clear: to assist you in moving forward — to help you maintain strong family bonds, manage the emotional highs and lows of loss, and, most importantly, empower you to become a beacon of support and strength for others.

As we work together, we will focus on rediscovering and reclaiming your life, crafting a future that is resilient, fulfilling, and centered on well-being. This journey is about thriving in a manner that honors your loved ones, taps into your inner strength, and fosters a life overflowing with meaning, joy, and the ability to uplift those around you.

Your path to healing starts here. Let's reimagine a life filled with hope and boundless possibilities, together.

Reimagine Your New Life After Your Loss

Transformation from the inside

The beautiful butterfly you see was once a caterpillar living on the ground amongst the foliage of plants, it just existed there to eat and eat, then one day it starts to spin silk around itself and places itself in a cocoon where it starts to go through the metamorphosis of transformation, and when it has fully developed, it finds its way out of that space and its life becomes different. It has a different imprint, a different function, and different a purpose.

YOU are that butterfly! During our 8 week FLOW grief release Program, you will reimagine your new life, find healing after your loss, find new purpose and healing emerging from your cocoon of grief and sorrow to spread your wings, and fly like a butterfly.

FLOW is the gateway to rapid grief release

FLOW is a grief healing technique of empowerment, that grief therapy options don't offer. It's finding peace and healing without navigating the stages of grief support and so much more all at your fingertips. It takes you from heartache to happiness within weeks, not years. FLOW is transformation from the inside out.

Certify As A FLOW Transformational Grief Coach

Learn how to turn your grief and loss into purpose and help others reimagine their life after loss

The world needs Grief Coaches now more that any other time in history.

Turn your grief and loss into purpose and become a FLOW Certified Transformational Grief Coach supporting others move through their grief and heartache.

You have experienced the loss of your loved one and deeply understand the power of moving from pain and grief to reclaiming your future and living a vibrant life of joy. And now you would like to help others experience their own joy journey, to find peace and hope after their profound loss.

Our unique ground-breaking FLOW grief release method is unlike any other grief coaching certification program in the world that consistently delivers transformational experiences for our clients, helping them shift from being stuck in their grief and pain, to living a full and vibrant life of joy. And it achieves this within weeks and months, not years and decades, as most grief therapy promises.

This program changes lives. Even for those who may have been ‘stuck’ in their grief for more than a decade or two. We so deeply believe in this method that we're committed to ensuring it reaches as many who are suffering with grief as possible.

Join Our Private Inner Circle

It's the PLACE for you when your world has been turned upside down by the loss of your loved one, to release, heal and grow beyond your heartache and pain with a community of people who "get it", AND get access to the tools, community, and support that supports you start your joy journey FASTER and EASIER

Don’t wait!

Take control of your life , release your grief and start your JOY journey today.

Grief UNLOCKED - Reimagining Life After Loss Podcast

This podcast is for you if you've lost your loved one and are ready to move forward, live your best life, and know that you don't want to wait for years to reimagine your future and release your pain.

You grieve both your life together as well as the future you have lost, you're ready to create a new vision and life for yourself and learn how to move forward through your grief.

This is an alive and inspiring space that will help you reimagine and ultimately create an empowered new life for yourself. One in which you are fully able to honor and cherish the memories that you shared together without feeling as if you're drowning or being dragged down into a sea of despair.

Many people and even experts will tell you that time heals. They're wrong. I'm here to tell you that it IS possible to move through your grief in weeks and months, NOT years, and to live your best life WITHOUT dishonoring your memories or burying your feelings of loss.

I'm super excited to welcome you to my Grief UNLOCKED podcast and I'm really looking forward to seeing you blossom and grow!

Denise Dielwart

The Academy of Transformational Grief Coaching